April 15, 2015

Contributing to Pixelated

Last week the pixelated team here in TW Porto Alegre hosted a hack night which allowed me to dive into the enigmatic Pixelated Project and even submit a pull request! Read on if you’d like to know more. The majority of the world’s emails are hosted at large, centralised providers. Let’s face it, there is practically no substitute for Gmail and in light of the Snowden Revelations we’ve willingly sacrificed our privacy for convenience. Read more

April 6, 2015

An Easter in POA

I had finally arrived in Porto Alegre on Tuesday night after approximately a 16 hour trip(transit via GRU). A quick 15 minute taxi ride took me to neighbourhood of Bom Fim, where I’d be staying in a hotel until more permanent living arrangements were made. Marcelo, my cab driver was a helpful guy and offered a lot of advice and information about the city as we drove through it. I was too bewildered and tired to take note of any of it. Read more

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